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Weekly Tech News Roundup - January 28th, 2016

Weekly Tech News Roundup - January 28th, 2016

  • Google's preferred search engine on Iphone costs Google money
  • Four top executives left Twitter
  • Apple's new iPad Air in March?
  • and more

Google Search on Iphone Safari
Google reportedly paid 1 billion dollars to Apple to be the preferred search engine on the iPhone
 Safari browser in 2014. The sum was revealed during the lawsuit of Oracle against Google. The The payout was part of a revenue-sharing agreement between the two companies that gives Apple a percentage of revenue Google generates through searches on iOS devices, according to the report. The revelation of an alleged revenue-sharing deal between the rivals shows the importance Google places on having its search bar in front of as many eyeballs as possible.
Source: CNBC

Four top executives left Twitter
Four top executives left Twitter following a surprise restructuring.  
The executives are engineering chief Alex Roetter, product head Kevin Weil, human-resources vice president Skip Schipper and media head Katie Stanton. This news has been confirmed by CEO Jack Dorsey as he struggles to revive the company's growth.. The uncertainty at the social media giant has also affected share prices as they dropped down to about 5%. Investors will be waiting to see if a major shake-up at the top will restore investor confidence. 
Source: Mashable

Ipad Air 3
Apple will be introducing a new iPad Air in March (the new ipad Air 3?),
according to a new report by 9to5Mac. . It will have the same screen size as the current version, and might come with a LED flash rear-facing, improved sound quality and will support Apple Pencil. This release will coincide with the 4-inch Iphone that is also supposed to be launched in march, expecting to create a big buzz, as well as some new Apple Watch models. This rumor has not been confirmed by Apple, we will probably have to wait till March to get the confirmation.
Source:  Mashable

Facebook profits doubled
Facebook has doubled its profits in the fourth quarter of 2015.
It's revenue in 2015 is of $5.84 billion, compared to the $3.85 billion the previous year. This increase is mostly due to the selling of more mobile ads. The company is now also getting revenue from it's other asset, Instagram photo-sharing app, which surpassed the 400 million users last year and began selling ads in September. 
Source: Euronews 

Apple Safari problems with Iphone
Apple has admitted that Safari problems are causing IPhones to crash,
 when users are visiting this site This site has been present for the last year, and has gone viral in the last week on social media. The creator of this website, Matthew Bryant, a 22 year old enjoys creating odd codes to see how browsers can handle them, hence created the website as a joke to display the browser's vulnerabilities. Apple is working on a fix to solve this issue. 
Source: Forbes

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