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Koein is hiring a Project Manager

Koein is hiring a Project Manager

Koein is hiring a Project Manager in Lebanon. Interested in applying to our most recent opening?

Koein is recruiting a Project Manager to join it's team. To apply, you can send us an email with your CV at
Country base : Lebanon 

Duties and responsibilities

  • Manage and deliver various types of digital projects According to required scope, timings, budget and quality.
  • Be the hub of communication for the project – connecting internal resources and client.
  • Forecast tasks implementation time in collaboration with team leaders. Schedule tasks, follow up on completion and update their status daily
  • Follow up with Team Leaders and Creative Director on task delivery times
  • Notify clients of completed tasks and request feedback
  • Provide clients feedback to the team and management
  • Answer client calls and process client requests as fast and as accurate as possible
  • Ensure Quality control and customer satisfaction on all phases of the project by communicating constantly with clients in a friendly and consultative manner
  • Communicate on weekly or monthly basis to the company management a performance and customer satisfaction report
  • Have a clear overview and log of a project at any asking time 
  • Collaborate with other project managers and the production manager to adjust the tasks traffic in the most effective way

The job requires an understanding from a strategic perspective of  what technology could be used to achieve it, what it could look like, how it could work, how much it will cost and when it could be delivered.

{ Koein expects you to }

  • Have a proactive “can do” or  “will try” approach to the job
  • Demonstrate a passion for seeing big ideas come to life
  • Continuously challenge your own knowledge and experience boundaries
  • Have Good analytical and problem‐solving skills
  • Have a Passion and commitment to the  job

More information on Koein can be found on this link


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