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Weekly Tech News Roundup - December 7 2015

Weekly Tech News Roundup - December 7 2015

News on Amazon, Mark Zuckerberg, Instagram, Vtech hacking, Skype and Uber revealed.

Here goes the tech news of the week:

Apple is turning its worldwide 468 stores as a classroom for beginners in coding. The hour of code will run in 180 countries for training and education. This initiative is backed up by US President Obama, UK Prime Minister Cameron along with many technology figures such as Bill Gates. 
Source: BBC

Vtech, the interactive toymaker, has confirmed hackers leaked the million of parent emails and child photos, names, email addresses, and passwords as well as some mailing addresses and download history. About 4 million individual parent records and about 280,000 child records were impacted by this massive breach. There is very little actual information about where the data has gone, just like most breaches. The only good news in this story is that no payment details were stolen.
Source: TechChrunch 

A Japanese company has invented a smartphone that you can wash. Phones can carry high levels of bacteria, maybe more than on an office toilet seat according to research.  This device, called Digno Rafre will go on sale in Japan next week for 460$. 
Source: Quartz 

Amazon updated its users by showing off it's new and upcoming delivery drone equipment.  Amazon Prime Air is an amazing new technology feature that behaves like an helicopter to deliver your purchases in less than 30 minutes.. A video of how the drones will look like, how it will fly, and how the process will work is displayed on their site. Amazon's future drones will be able to deliver your goods to your door or perhaps in addition to tracking your phone localization. They are currently being designed to handle a maximum of 15 miles flight. 
Source: Amazon

Now Instagram is unveiling it's new functionality in beta mode, allowing users  to login and swith between multiple accounts. So far it has been really annoying for users who need to access personal and work accounts simultaneously, hence this feature is welcomed. You can sign up for the Instagram Beta Program here
Source:Android Authority

Shortly after Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan gave birth to their daughter Max, they pledged to give away 99% of their shares in Facebook to support charitable causes. He was accused instead to try and avoid taxes in giving away 45$ billion fortune.  Indeed Zuckerberg chose to put his funds in a Limited Liability Coorporation instead of a nonprofit, and this brought controversy as it can avoid triggering taxes. 
Zuckerberg also announced Four Months of paid parental leave for all its employees.
Source: Huffington Post

Bill Gates announced he will invest $2 billion in new clean energy partnership with US and India,making it one of the largest clean-energy partnerships in history. It will focus on researching and deploying new sources of carbon-free energy,  allow humanity to reach zero global carbon emissions in the next 35 years, a goal that will require huge advances in nuclear, solar, and wind power.
Source: TheVerge

Skype is offering free calls to Chennai as the Indian's fourth most populous city fights floods and torrential rains, killing around 270 people. Skype, which lets users video chat and voice call over the Internet, is the latest tech company to use its reach to help people in a time of need, and follows Facebook's expanding its Safety Check function.
Source: CNET

Uber could be illegal in Australian state, and this will be determined by a landmark court case. One of Uber drivers Nathan Brenner was found guilty of driving without a commercial license or registration, and was one of 13 Uber drivers found guilty by the Taxi Services Commission last year.
Source: Mashable

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