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Weekly Tech News Roundup - December 15 2015

Weekly Tech News Roundup - December 15 2015

News on Apple's top IOS Apps, Facebook vandalism, Google CEO's essai supporting minorities and more

Apple has just released its top 25 favorite iOS apps of the year. Here goes the top rank apps: 

  1. Number one winner is Periscope, the broadcasting live video app. Cost: Free 
  2. Number two winner is Enlight, a photo editing tool. Cost: 4$
  3. Mumber three is Robinhood, an app that lets people buy stock without paying anything for each trade. Cost: Free
  4. Number four is Workflowlets you build one-tap actions for things you do often (like calling your mom, ubering to work, or uploading your last photo to Dropbox) and put them in your iPhone’s widget drawer. Cost: 3$

Source: Techcrunch

Facebook's offices in Hamburg, Germany have been damaged but a group of 15-20 people as they smashed glass, threw pain and sprayed Facebook dislike on a wall. No one was injured in the incident that could possibly be linked to the german hate comments on the refugee influx that were not removed on Facebook. 

Source: Reuters

Are you ready for the ski season? You should know that your ski performance can now be tracked from your Android or IOS smartphone with this ski sensor monitor by Rossignol and Pics. Statistics like edge-to-edge speed, G-force, carving angle and more, can now be measured  as your sensor is attached to any of your boots. It can be handy for trackets to improve their skiing skills, and speed, or make it social. It's now up on pre-order for $149

Source: Engadget

Google CEO Sundar Pichai publishes an essay on immigration and supporting minorities: "Let’s not let fear defeat our values. We must support Muslim and other minority communities in the US and around the world.”
Of course, this is a very touchy subject, but Pichai believes it is important to speak out about these matters. He is not the only one in that matter, others such as Facebook Mark Zuckerberg have also shared their opinions.

Mark Zuckerberg support of Muslims

Source: AndroidAuthority

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