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Weekly Tech News Roundup - December 22 2015

Weekly Tech News Roundup - December 22 2015

  • Hello Kitty fans personal information disclosed
  • Apple's live photos now featured on Facebook 
  • and more


SantioTown website
The personal information of 3 million Hello Kitty fans has been published online due to a database misconfiguration
 (including kids information), and discovered by researcher Chris Vickery. The database houses 3.3 million accounts and has ties to a number of Hello Kitty portals. The information inclused users names, birthdays (encoded, but easily reversible), genders, country of origin, email, password hashes and hint questions and answers, among other data.  All the servers are now secure. This incident came after the Vtech incident, which exposed personal data of 6.3 million people.
Source:  Engadget


Max Zuckerberg Jedi costume 
Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's CEO posted a photo of his newborn daughter Max with the Star Wars theme,
 wearing a Jedi tunic near a lightsaber. You probably heard already that the New Star Wars movie has just been released. Others commented by also posting pictures of their children in the same theme. Check the post here. Zuckerberg, who is on paternity leave, also posted changing her diaper.
Source: DailyStar 


iphone live photos
Apple's Live photos on the Iphone 6s and 6s Plus can now be shared on Facebook with friends.
 This feaure, that captures movement and sound for a brief moment before and after an image is taken, has just been rolled out on Facebook to a limited number of users, and will continue rolling in the new year, giving a big boost to the Apple feature. Viewers will need a device running IOS 9 to see the animated snapshots. Users should select a Live Photos option when uploading images, and viewers can watch the images by pressing and holding the playback button.
Source:  Engadget

Facebook and Uber teams up to make it easier to meet your friends in real life. Uber has come to Facebook Messenger, as a way to call a Uber ride without even opening the app. People around the world are coordinating plans with their close ones for dinner or drinks, and these conversations are happening on Messenger, but currently once the plan is set the experience with Messenger stops. Uber and Facebook are now allowing users to follow up with this plan on Messenger and meet up with their friends in real life.  Uber is offering a free ride of up to 20$ the first time you book with Messenger. 
Source: Business Insider


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