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Weekly Tech News Roundup - December 29 2015

Weekly Tech News Roundup - December 29 2015

Discover the Google Glass 2.0, the "Sign-In Experiments at Google" and read this week's top tech news. 

China anti-terrorism law makes firms hand over encryption keys to government
 when needed for spying.
Companies will not be very happy to sacrifice their users privacy, but they might have to do this if they want to continue operating in China.
Source: Engadget

Google Glass 2.0
Google Glass 2.0 photos have been revealed.
The new release, reportedly called "Enterprise Edition" will probably be revealed in May 2006. It seems this time Google is planning to sell the Google Glass to businesses instead of individuals, following the user's feedback as being expensive and invasive. The new glass is foldable like a regular pair of eyeglasses, and comes with an improved camera, battery, and Intel processor, including Wi-fi support.
Source: CNET

Google Sign-in without Password
Google is testing a new feature that allows users to sign-in using their mobile device without requiring a password. 
This feature is available to a limited number of beta-testers in the Google Group and is called "Sign-In Experiments at Google". By responding to a push notification on your mobile device, you are giving permission to access your account from a computer without a password. A message on your phone will pop-up asking your permission to login on a computer each timeyou type your email. If you lose your mobile, you can always remove account access from the lost device by connecting on a computer and going to My Account / Use your phone to sign-in section. This feature is designed to help develop anto-phishing technology. 
Source: Forbes


Did you see the post on Facebook stating that 
Facebook CEO will give out $4.5 million to 1,000 users chosen randomly from those who pressed on the "share" button? The message was massively shared on Facebook. Facebook confirmed this was indeed a hoax even when the message was claiming it wasn't. 

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