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Weekly Tech News Roundup - January 5th, 2016

Weekly Tech News Roundup - January 5th, 2016

  • A new Iphone Mini leaked
  • Uber's customers unsatisfied at New Year's Eve
  • Windows 10 a big hit ? 
  • Yahoo Screen shut down
  • And more.

A brand new iphone Mini on the way ?
A brand new Iphone Mini details were just leaked,
and if the rumor is true may lead to a powerful Iphone device, and smaller too. The information was leaked from a Chinese site MyDrivers. These are the specifications that seem to compose this new iphone, 2GB of RAM, Apple A9 chipset, 1,642mAh battery and a return to a 4-inch screen. There notable difference with the existing Iphone 6S, is the use of a battery that’s meant to power a larger screen in a smaller phone, making the battery last longer. Apple's upcoming Iphone will possibly enter its mass production in february. 
Source: Forbes 


Uber app forced to change
Uber's app was forced to change quickly after user's complaints on price
of ride on New Year's Eve. Uber is partially to blame as the fare estimator changed the location in the app due to an experiment in New York City and Boston. The price on New Year's Eve was multiplied by 10, hence the need for users to easily find the estimator option. Uber apologized for the inconvenience and said they have resolved the issue.
Source: Business Insider

My CaptR 3D scan app for IPAD
A new app, MyCaptR, is developing a 3D scanner on IPAD that will allow users to scan a room in 3D
in a few minutes to help them remodel, change colors or add furniture in their house. The app will be demonstrated this week by Levels3D at the CES tech show in Las Vegas. A similar app by Google called Tango is also underway (check it here) . 
Source: BBC 

Windows 10 a big hit?
Windows 10, currently in "active pilots", seems to be a big hit, and now runs on more than 200 million devices.
76% of Microsoft entreprise customers are currently testing Windows 10, some of them have even already purchased the tool. This is an indicator of success, and hopefully for Microsoft, the most important customers -businesses- will upgrade. 
Source: Business Insider

Yahoo Screen Was Shut Down
Yahoo Screen, was shut down last week due to lack of popularity comparing to YouTube.
Indeed, Yahoo's chief executive, Marissa Mayer, who had strategical ambitions for the video service inside Yahoo in the last 2 years, decided to shut down its video portal. Now all that video has been scattered throughout the rest of Yahoo 


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