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Weekly Tech News Roundup - January 15th, 2016

Weekly Tech News Roundup - January 15th, 2016

  • Skype integrated the Skype Translator tool
  • Google Maps will now predict your driving directions
  • iAD, Apple's ad platform now a free service
  • and more

Google Maps Predicts Real Time Driving Directions
An update on Google Maps will automatically predict your driving directions and destination
, based on you location history and other factors. When you select the option "start driving" on Google Maps, the app will automatically begin driving directions to the destination it predicted, based on current traffic conditions. This new featured hasn't yet rolled out on Google Maps, it's currently available at Android Police to download, but it shouldn't take long before it appears to Android users as a first step.
Source: Mashable

Skype Translator now integrated on Skype for Windows

Skype for Windows has now integrated the Skype Translator tool, allowing its users to translate in real-time conversations in seven languages while using the app. You can now start a conversation with someone who speaks a language you don't know, just make sure to download the latest version from Skype translator relies on machine learning, hence the more the technology is used, the smarter it gets. 
Source: VentureBeat

iAD Apple's Ad network now free service
iAd, Apple's ad platform, has now become a free service and will not make profits anymore.
Indeed, the service didn't work well for Apple and was far from being able to compete with Google ad networks. Apple will no longer take the 30% share in iAD sales, and instead will become a free service, allowing publishers to keep all the revenue to themselves. This step will allow Apple to have a competitive advantage over Google. In its new role, Apple will no longer act as an intermediary between advertisers and publishers, and instead is in the phase of preparing a system that will allow ad sellers and publishers to directly work together. The publishers will have to do the hard work but will be able to keep the money instead. 
Source: the Verge

Pope meets with Eric Schmidt
The Pope will be meeting with Alphabet's Eric Schmidt -
the chairman of the parent company of Google- at the Vatican in Rome. This is a mere indication of the importance of technology, as the head of the Catholic church rarely meets with American business leaders. The meeting will last 15 minutes and will discuss the importance of internet and Google. 
Source: CNet

Foursquare new CEO
Foursquare is having a new CEO, to shake things up
. Co-founder Dennis Crowley is stepping down as CEO to become its executive chairman, and will be replaced by Jeff Glueck, former Chief Operating Officer . Foursquare, which lets users post their location at a local business over the Internet, to let people know where they were hanging out, was once the envy of every startup in the tech industry.|
Source: CNet


The world's largest railway Wunderland
The world's largest, tiniest-scale model railway exhibit can now be viewed from the comfort of your computer.
The high-tech Minatur Wunderland features an incredible attention to detail, with 8 miles of railway track and more than 200,000 figurines. Google is capturing the exhibit, in the same way it typically captures Street View (tiny cameras were mounted on tiny vehicles ).
Source: Mashable 

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