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Weekly Tech News Roundup - January 21th, 2016

Weekly Tech News Roundup - January 21th, 2016

  • A new browser to block (and replace) ads
  • Facebook new hub "Facebook Sports Stadium" 
  • AppStore revenue versus Play Store
  • and more

Brave Browser
Former Mozzila's CEO, Brendan Eich, is developing a browser based on Google Chrome, called Brave, that blocks all ads by default. Brave goes way further than other ad blockers, by replacing the missing content with its own ads. The interesting part is the revenue split between itself (15%), the publishers (55%), the ad suppliers (15%) and even the user who sees the ad (10 to 15%). Let's see later this year if this model will take off, but if it does it might even kill the existing ad model revenue stream. 
Source: Engadget 


Spotify logo
Spotify, the web music player, has acquired two new startups, providing us with clues on its next move, which is becoming more social. Cord project is a a voice messaging platform for mobile devices, and Soundwave is a social network music discovery app. Cord revealed it plans to leverage " Spotify's amazing analytics, data, and music catalog to reinvent how we engage with audio across a number of platforms. 
Source: Mashable 

IOS APP STORE gets more revenue than Play Store
According to a new report, Apple is bringing 75% more revenue via IOS App Store than its Google competitor Play Store. This notable difference while Play Store is getting far more downloads then the App Store. 
Source: 9TO5Mac 


Facebook Live Stadium
Facebook is increasing its focus on sports and has announced a new hub "Facebook Sports Stadium" inside the Social Network, that enables users to follow live sports match. Users can also view commentary from friends and experts around the games. Facebook is hoping to increase user engagement around the live events. So far this feature is available only in the US for users with the IPS app,  but should be deployed soon to other countries. With this initiative, Facebook is hoping to become as effective as Twitter in following live events. 
Source: TechCrunch

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