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Weekly Design Updates - May 10 2016

Weekly Design Updates - May 10 2016

The latest design updates, Coca-Cola Unifies Its Brand, Companies rebranding, Logo Design For Responsive, Tokyo 2020 Olympics logo and the new Einstein's font.

Coca-Cola Unifies Its Brand Worldwide With New Design Language

Coca-Cola revealed the final act in a year long "One Brand" unification strategy. It’s Coke’s new packaging. Now Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, and Coke Life will share a single branded aesthetic around the world, unified by a red disc, and advertised together in a new wave of shared commercials. "When people see this new brand identity, they’ll know they’re buying a Coca-Cola," says James Sommerville, vice president of global design.

The defining unification element is something Coke calls the "Red Disc." "We really needed a visual element that could unify the portfolio," Sommerville says.

Source: fastcodesign



How to rebrand your company without losing your customers (or your mind)

Companies rebrand themselves for dozens of reasons: a merger or acquisition, a new technology or product that disrupts the company and the market, a new CEO at the helm, or a craving to update an image that has grown tired after years of use.

Here are seven questions every smart company should ask itself before taking the relaunch plunge:

1) Why are we rebranding?

2) Is the board on board?

3) Should we change the logo?

4) Where do you see yourself in three years?

5) So you know who you want to be as a company. But who do you NOT want to be?

6) How are you going to celebrate?

7) Did you pack your foundation?

Source: thenextweb



Logo Design For Responsive Websites

The modern logo has to work harder than ever before. In the past, a company logo was perhaps intended simply for a shop sign and printed in local newspaper adverts. Today’s logos have to work with a growing plethora of smart devices with varying screen sizes and resolutions, displaying responsive websites.

The very best logos are simple and flexible, with varying formats and layout options so that when a site is optimized for a device, the brand is also optimized to the space allocated for it.
In this article we will see why simple, flexible and versatile logo design has become so important. Industry-leading, born-in-the-cloud brands such as Twitter, Facebook, Spotify and Google are refining and simplifying their brands owing to responsive web design and the growing impact of the mobile device market. We can consider their solutions when thinking about our own brands, and how to optimize our logos to thrive within responsive web design.

Source: smashingmagazine



This is the new logo for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo

Asao Tokolo's winning design was selected from four finalists, following plagiarism controversy.

A new logo has been selected for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo, organizers announced Monday, more than seven months after the original design was scrapped amid accusations of plagiarism. The winning design, a "harmonized chequered emblem," was chosen among four logos shortlisted by the Tokyo 2020 emblems selection committee. The logo was created by Asao Tokolo, a Japanese designer who is known for his intricate, mathematical motifs.

Source: theverge



A new font based on Einstein's handwriting is being developed

Imagine reading Tinder messages seemingly handwritten by Albert Einstein himself. That future is quickly approaching, thanks to a new Kickstarter project that lifts Einstein's handwriting and turns it into a fully realized font.

The project, headed up by typographer Harald Geisler and dancer Elizabeth Waterhouse, involves painstakingly analyzing notes provided by the Albert Einstein Archives to design each character. It took six months to develop a working prototype, and funding will allow the team to devote another six months to completing the font.

Source: theverge

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