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6 Successful Strategies To Boost Your Online Traffic

6 Successful Strategies To Boost Your Online Traffic

What are your marketing objectives ?
How can you reach more visitors or customers ?

This article is about showing you practical and proven ways to drive traffic to your site.

Digital strategy is a holistic approach that lets you reach more targeted customers and build emotions. Through content development, online advertising, social media and SEO to website optimization, one can increase his traffic and brand exposure.
Before we go through some of the ideas that can help you boost your online presence and increase online sales, let’s first give a short reminder on the most common objectives.
So what are your marketing objectives? Some of the most common answers are:

  1. Promote your Brand
  2. Manage your brand reputation
  3. Increase your traffic with the right audience
  4. Increase the online community
  5. Build loyalty to your customers
  6. Engage with your customers / Engagement marketing
  7. Increase sales / Ecommerce marketing

In most of these cases, you need to build traffic in order to reach your marketing objectives. A website without visitors or customers would indicate a non-existing online presence and you will not achieve sales.

We are not telling you it's going to be easy, we are telling you it's going to be worth it.

Here’s how you can get traffic and get on track with your objectives :

  1. Create unique content

As they say Content is KING ! You should start by producing great and unique content, and write as many relevant articles as you can to create stickiness. It is the first and most essential step you should take towards increasing your traffic.

Content is kingProduce unique content that creates stickiness, and update it regularly 

  1. Increase your traffic from search Engines (organic SEO)

Another method to get more traffic, is to increase your web visibility on search engine results, through Search Engine Optimization (SEO): 

  • Focus on specific keywords related to your business and make sure you appear in top results when these keywords are searched for on search engines.
  • Optimize your headlines so that Google can understand what your page is about, and makes you rank better.
  • Ensure backlinks to your site : write press releases, on forums, create a blog and link it to your website, or let others write about you.
3.   Advertise online (paid SEM)
  • You can advertise on Facebook and reach a precise audience through relevant targeted ads.
  • You can also advertise on Google Adwords to get displayed in the sponsored section of search results (search advertising), and on top traffic websites relevant to your category listing (display advertising). 
4.   Get social

Social Media will allow you to create a community online and to expand your reach through viral and networking.

  • Start by creating a Facebook Page and tweeting your content
  • Use as many social networks as possible to expand your reach
I am busy getting social, for traffic's sake!
  1. Email and newsletter marketing

Send emails to your prospects and customers to keep them updated on your latest news, and to incite them to access your website. Make sure you have a rich database of users to reach through messaging.

  1. Get insights

Don’t forget to keep analytics at the heart of your process : always measure your traffic results, sentiments, engagement, and sales.

  • Use a Web analytic tool such as Google Analytics.
  • Undertake a CRM Analytics study to get to know more about your customer segmentation groupings.
  • In case of Ecommerce : understand which channels your customers interacted with before reaching conversions by using a Multi-channel Analysis.
  • Improve your user’s experience on your site by applying customer heatmaps and A/B Testing. These tools will allow you to have an enhanced ergonomy, and facilitate leads. 


Remember two things are essential to increase usability on your website and have an effective sales tool:

  1. People must be able to find it easily when they are using search engines.
  2. Once they access your site (from organic or other sources of traffic), the site has to provide what they are looking for, quickly and easily.

WIth figures in hand, you can understand better your clients behaviors and interest. It will allow you to decide on your next goals and targets, and adapt your strategy accordingly. Only then you can increase your traffic in a relevant manner.

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