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Koein's Successful Design Methodology Disclosed

Koein's Successful Design Methodology Disclosed

- We create authentic concept designs,
  accessible user interfaces
- We design optimised user experiences

Koein's design team

The team is composed of pure creative thinkers and creators, who are constantly challenging their ideas to discover new design solutions and engaging experiences on an interdisciplinary level.
From our design studios in Beirut, we design the interactive experiences of the most prominent brands throughout the region.

What we believe in

As technology gets more mature, new visual styles are being born, and new experiences are emerging. Our designers can not predict the future, but they can expect change and happily embrace it. Their actions results in an innovative user experience that offers consumers something relevant and always up to date, that makes them coming back again and again.

Tailored Design solutions
Every client has a unique story and we can help share his message. Our designers put their hearts, dreams and soul to help the client grow. We take into account the values of aesthetics, function and best practises, allowing our clients to get the best results. 

Inspiration in everything
We draw inspiration from many sources, and the people around us. The way we live, act, feel makes us at the heart of these design learnings. We are a creative agency that make things happen with imagination, innovation and confidence.

Our design principles and practices are constantly evolving, allowing a great interactive product to never stop evolving. We try hard to satisfy each and every client by constantly reevaluating our approaches to experience challenges. By using a combination of sketching, rapid prototyping, user testing and analytics analysis, we’re able to continuously grow and improve upon a given product.

How we do it

In order to create a concept that is appealing, usable and in line with the brand strategy we go through 4 essential stages:

We integrate a variety of research processes to identify your target audience, study your competition including similar success stories, define market gaps, opportunities, and understand your short and long term goals.

We set a strategy to reach your goals and define the type of content to display, the navigation methods and the appropriate design styles.

Drawing from the information gathered up to this point, we begin creating mood boards, wireframes and elements collages to determine the best look and feel and usability patterns in line with the set strategy. We then give birth to the final concept prototype.

Starting from the concept design phase all our interactive experiences are designed with multi-device responsive outcome in mind.

User flow and usage scenarios
Any interactive solution should be organized and structured in a way that keeps users engaged, and makes its navigation an enjoyable experience. We investigate potential users usage patterns, and understand their journeys while experiencing the product then we design all interconnected pages and interactive elements.

"An easy navigation is hard to create"

What we deliver

  • User interfaces and user experiences

  • Brands online/offline identities

  • Web interfaces

  • Software interfaces

  • Apps and mobile interfaces

  • Animations and presentations story boards

Design for success

We believe the quality of design has a determining influence on the success of a given project. We do not Design just aesthetics, we create an experience that caters to users needs and keeps them coming back. It's only then that we consider we designed a success.

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Would you like an opinion on your existing product, or do you need to create a new design interface ? 
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