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Modern SEO or How to Write Successful SEO Oriented Content

Modern SEO or How to Write Successful SEO Oriented Content

  • Figure out what your readers want, and give it to them
  • There is no alternative to writing great content.

To make a website standout and get relevant traffic, It’s not enough anymore to just “write content” and optimize it for search engines.

Modern SEO has gone beyond keyword targeting and backlinks. Now to rank well; you also need to persuade people. Your content needs to be appealing and solve a particular problem. It should be useful, compelling, and valuable, to incite people to promote it on social media platforms.

It is easier to answer the needs of a regular user then someone who came from search engines. In this second scenario, the user has just discovered your site and has a specific idea in mind of why he is visiting; usually he needs answers and solutions.

It is essential to understand your target readers before writing content. We need to figure out why and how they will land on your article. To provide optimal content, the best approach nowadays is to write the content by addressing something we call “keyword intent”:

“The only way to win at content marketing is for the reader to say, ‘This was written specially for me’. Jamie Turner
  1. what search keywords are driving traffic? Adapt your content according to those queries that are not being answered in your existing content. Make sure that any user search clicks which are sent to your page can satisfy the user search intent.
  2. Work on having a perfect title as this will help you increase your click through rate. Title your content based on what your potential visitors will type in a search engine before they get to your materials. On average of every 5 people who read your article title only one will carry on to read the body copy. The better your CTR the better you will be ranked. 
  3. Write long articles of at least 2,000 words as this has been proven to help your ranking by search engines.
  4. Keep monitoring your content and keep on improving it as search engines just loves seeing updated content.
  5. Try to provide the best content there is online around your topic. Yes it’s hard, but remember that search engines like Google are able to analyse massive amounts of data coming from their various sources, and decide which content is most relevant. Data that can be analyzed are number of clicks, time spent on site, whether users searched again after checking your site, etc… Google will top rank your website only if you have the best content around the subject, addressing it in the best way possible to serve the user’s intent.
“Every piece of your content should be excellent, enough that customers are compelled to share it.” Joe Pulizzi

With the fierce competition on search engines rankings, keywords and backlinks are no more enough... Always value your user's intent, and create original valuable content.


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